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Hello! My name is Debbie, and I am very pleased to welcome you to my website. I am a breeder of Somali cats and registered with Cats NSW Inc.

My home is situated in the Penrith Area – the gateway to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.

Even though the ancestry of these wonderful cats is not fully known, many breeders believe that the Abyssinians are the direct descendants of the sacred cats of the ancient Egyptians. The outline of the Abyssinian bears a remarkable similarity to the cats featured in many of the Egyptian carvings and paintings.  The Somali is a long haired Abyssinian.

Most of my Abyssinians are variants which mean they have a Somali Dad and an Abyssinian Mother. The resulting kittens are a  pedigree and come with a registered pedigree. The mating is to increase the gene pool for Somalis. An Abyssinian can be crossed with a Somali to increase the gene pool BUT a Somali cannot be crossed into an Abyssinian gene pool.

The Abyssinian variant in New South Wales competes against the Abyssinians on the show bench and usually the only difference between the two cats is that the variant may have a marginally thicker coat, it is not semi-long hair like the Somali. Both breeds and the variants are all lovable, very active, very playful and highly intelligent.

All my lines are P.K. Deficiency tested and all are FELV/FIV negative. Also, all cats are blood group ‘A’.

Please, feel free to browse through my web site. I hope you will find it enjoyable, and should you have any questions or wish to know more, please feel free to contact me via my email or on my mobile number: 0419 622 461.

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