Since I started the breeding of my own cats, I have come into contact with many interesting and wonderful people. They have been invaluable in assisting me to gain the knowledge that I needed to make my own cattery a success. 

I have placed these friends on my links page, as I believe they would be only too happy to give assistance to anyone requiring information on the cat world.

Cats New South Wales Incorporated is quickly becoming the number one Cat Fancy Association in Australia. It’s a wonderful organisation that truly promotes and supports ethical Breeders and Cats NSW shows are always fun and inclusive.

rosettesandribbons by Di

Di is has been heavily involved in the Cat Fancy for over twenty years as a show official, exhibitor and breeder. She creates unique rosettes, ribbons and awards with style and flair for shows in Australia and overseas, including specialty Judges Choice rosettes that have been presented in the USA, China, Korea, France and South Africa.

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