The Somali

The Somali is first cousin to the Abyssinian and shares most of its characteristics. The essential difference is that the Somali has a beautiful semi-long hair coat. The coat is easy to care for, only requiring occasional combing. The longer hair comes from what is known as a recessive gene, and because of this gene, it is possible to have both long and short-hair kittens in the one litter. The short-hair kitten is known as an Abyssinian (Variant).

They are very active but not exuberant. Somalis are well balanced, even tempered, hardier and calmer than their cousin the Abyssinian. They are sociable towards other cats and have a gentle temperament. They also have very playful natures which makes them ideal when playing with children.

The Somali demands attention but is less possessive than the Abyssinian.

Somalis are good hunters, so living indoors is the best way to keep them safe and healthy. Plenty of activities and affection will help keep your Somali in top shape.

The Somali has a medium to high activity level, is affectionate, active and playful, and they retain their playfulness long after kitten-hood. They are extremely devoted, loyal and loving to their humans.

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